Color Me Happy


Colors on colors on colors! A blend of blues and yellows to welcome spring!

Now, can we have some warm weather please *praying hands emoji*. We lost an hour but gained a few degrees. Inching closer to warmer weather is always a good reason to celebrate. I’m looking forward to putting these boots and oversized sweaters away!


I can’t imagine a better way to usher in spring than with this colorful structured bag. A mosaic of blue, red, yellow, and peach, this bag is so roomy and interesting (their latest color combo for spring here). It’s a really fun piece to add brightness to an all-black outfit and to complement a color blocking outfit.


In the last picture, I look like I’m smelling my sleeve, but in reality, I’m coughing my head off. Colin thought it was so funny, he kept on shooting. I still have that lingering sneezing-coughing thing. We’re actually taking off to San Francisco in a few days, so I’m hoping that this coughing and congestion will go away soon!

Hope you had a great weekend and happy Spring everyone!


Sweater | Tomorrowland oversized sweater
Top | Maria Lucia Hohan top (worn underneath sweater)
Bag | Mlouye structured bag
Boots | Stuart Weitzman (best of budget Steve Madden boots, under $130)
Accessories | Gentle Monster sunglasses & L’Oreal ‘500’ lip color

Thank you so much for reading!

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